Screens of East Tennessee

Screens of East Tennessee

Maintenance Tips


Following the proper maintenance guidelines below will ensure years of worry free service for your Phantom Screens. Contact your nearest Phantom representative at 1-888-PHANTOM for more information.

  • Screens should be retracted into protective storage housing when not in use.
  • Spring loaded systems may retract suddenly. Do not push the mesh to release the magnet or latch. A safety feature releases the slide bar if the mesh is lightly bumped.
  • Motorized screens should be watched during operation. Objects left under a motorized unit can prevent the unit from lowering. If this happens, lift the slide bar up manually, remove the obstacle, and lower the slide bar. If it does not extend to a level position, use the remote up button and roll up the mesh until the slide bar is level. Stop the unit, and then lower it.
  • Interruption of power can affect motorized unit operation. Ensure that power is still getting to the unit by checking circuit breakers and ground faults for resetting. Remotes (in wall and handheld) have a limited battery life. If the remote light does not come on when the buttons are depressed, the battery needs to be replaced.
  • Insect screens are intended to provide reasonable insect control and are not intended to provide the retention and / or security of objects, animals or persons inside or outside your dwelling.
  • Ensure tracks are kept free of dirt and debris which may cause the screen to perform poorly. Cleaning the tracks and lubricating them with a dry silicone spray can restore smooth operation.
  • DO NOT use oil, grease, petroleum or oil base sprays —which may attract dirt or impair the proper operation of your screen(s).
  • Mesh fabric, housing tracks and slide bar can be cleaned with water and a soft brush but not with a pressure washer. A mild detergent like dish soap can be used, but do not use chemicals. After cleaning the mesh, allow it to dry before rolling it back up into the housing.
  • It is normal for the mesh to “sail” in certain windy conditions. This may cause the mesh to pull out of the track, however when the wind subsides the mesh will return to the correct position.
  • Motorized units should be retracted in winds in excess of 25 mph. Wind load may affect the ability of the unit to extend or retract. The screens should never be used solely for the purpose of a wind break.

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